A Convenient Alternative to the Claw Foot Bath Tub

For a lot of people, the appeal of the claw foot tub is rooted in childhood. There was a time when this type of stand-alone tub was in every home. Nowadays, due to the smaller size of flats, the stand-alone bathtub has been replaced by shower stalls.

Getting a Shower Instead of a Tub

Besides occupying a smaller space, shower stalls also have other advantages. One of these is that these are compact and easy to clean. For another, the water does not splash around, compared to a bathtub. For another, it is easier to clean oneself in a shower.

The shower stall may not be as elegant as a bathtub; however, it does have its charm. It creates a space for those who want to have some privacy, even behind closed doors. The walls and door delineate a space for the user. Within that space, the water flows down and cleans the body. The splashes are controlled and trickle down from the walls to the floor, and down the drain.

Elegance has always been attributed to claw footbath tubs. There are still quite a few flats with bathtubs, but new installations veer towards those of shower stalls. The stalls do strive for modern elegance and all around convenience. The glass walls are made of thick, strong glass, designed to withstand most common accidents. The glass walls also help to make sure that the water drips. Water stains are dirty to look at and it can be hard to clean once the water dries.

Choosing the Right Shower Design

The shower itself can be as simple as a single showerhead, or one with a second, removable showerhead. It is also possible to choose from any of a number of modern showerhead designs. If you want a modern shower, you can have one of those that use multiple showerheads, and pressure, which simulates a massage.

Walk in showers are easy to install, as long as you know how to do it. There are several requirements regarding the bathroom. These include the water fixtures and the waterproofing. With a professional plumber, you should have no problem with the pipes and civil works.

For a lot of people, they may not see how beautiful a shower stall can be. They only see the convenience of the stall. It is usually designed to be compact but packing a lot of fun. Admittedly, the almost spartan charm is very utilitarian. It works well on its own; it has a continuous draw on warm and cold water. You can install a separate water heater direct to the showerhead. Or, you can also install your own water heater inside the shower stall. It is all a matter of preference after all.

People who like bathtubs are understandably older and long for the good old days. It does not necessarily mean that they are wrong. It is just that the limitations of today’s flats have extended to the bathroom and toilet. For most people, having a shower works just as well.











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