DIY Home Security

You can save money if you install your own security system, and if you are a renter, this is a good option because you can take it with you when you move. However, DIY installation is one thing, but DIY monitoring is another. It will be a full-time job to monitor your security system yourself, and you may have other things to do. This is why your best option may be to search DIY home security and find a company that will monitor the system that you install.

Select the DIY Equipment

Some companies will monitor your DIY installation and even give you tips and advice over the phone while you are installing the system. However, before you choose a company, make sure they offer all the monitoring services you need.

There is a wide range of equipment available even for DIY systems. There are entry sensors that can be installed on doors and windows that send an alarm if they are triggered by an intruder. If you have a dog or cat, you can get pet-immune sensors to protect against false alarms.

There are also several different alerts that protect against, gas leaks, flooding, power failure, fire and smoke, carbon monoxide poisoning as well as intruders. If you have young children, you can look into special alerts for child safety. Each type of alert requires different equipment that you need to install yourself. Having these alerts monitored by professional’s means you’ll get help from the police, fire department or an ambulance within minutes.

Select the Monitoring Service

According to the type of monitoring coverage you need, you’ll select the company that offers the right equipment. For example, if you need medical alert for an elderly person living in your home, the security system you select must offer that coverage. If you want to install security cameras in several places around your house, make sure the monitoring system you select offers that service.

It’s important to select a monitoring company that offers high-quality service for DIY installations. This means their customer service is quick to respond and always available for customers’ questions. Your system should be able to connect to the monitoring center over the Internet or via a cellular uplink. They should send you status alarm reports, and give you smartphone and remote browser access. If required, look for a company that offers home automation services for lights, locks, sprinklers and more.

The plan you select must fit your budget, but it must also fit your lifestyle. If you are a renter or a homeowner who is planning to move within the next one to three years, you may want a short-term, renewable contract. Otherwise, a long-term contract may be cheaper.

Installing a security system yourself is not as easy as building a bookshelf. There are companies that offer tutorials and detailed instructions and will help you when you get stuck as well as DIY systems that have a warranty.

You can save money and get a great home security system with a DIY installation. However, the purpose of the system is to protect your family and property, so make sure you find the right system and install it correctly. If you work in conjunction with a good monitoring company, you can rest assured that trained professionals are protecting your home.


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