Extracurricular Sports

When it comes to sports, it can be a favorite hobby and pastime to many of us, hence baseball’s reputation as “America’s favorite pastime.” However, for many, it transcends the label of hobby and becomes obsession. For the sports fanatic, just catching each game is not enough. We eat, sleep, and breath sports. We can’t get enough. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance to find more ways to enjoy your favorite sports and teams. Here are just a few ways to do so.

For starters, consider simply seeing your favorite team play live and in person. Going to a proper sporting event at a real life stadium is an experience that’s hard to beat. It’s long since been a rite of passage for sons to go to games with their fathers for a reason. It’s a much more visceral version of what you would see from your living room. Somehow, seeing the action up close and personal on camera fails to beat out even the worst view in a stadium. Maybe it’s knowing how much closer you really are, or maybe it’s the sea of like minded fans. Whatever the case, make sure to look your best with a new outfit from West Marine to make the most of your game going experience.

Then, there’s the simulation side of sports. For starters, fantasy football and similar fantasy sports are an interesting and novel way to engage with your favorite sports and teams. Using real players’ real stats, you can simulate games in the manner of a tabletop game like Dungeons and Dragons. And, of course, sports video games are everywhere, just waiting to show you the match ups you want to see and let you participate directly. These can range from the wacky Mario Golf to the Madden series of more realistic football games.


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