Getting More Storage Out of Your Bathroom

We tend to like our bathrooms open and inviting. Many home designers opt for as much free floor space as possible, to create a sense of space and comfort. But if you live in a smaller home, you may want to use some of this space for storage. There is no reason to sacrifice aesthetics for function, however. There are a variety of ways to get the most in your bathroom space, without having it look stuffed.


  1. Bathroom Cabinets. These can be made to match your existing vanity. They can be attached directly to it, given the room. Or they can be mounted or stacked anywhere else you have the space. Some people have even mounted waterproof cabinetry within a large shower! Dedicated bathroom cabinets can pack a lot of stuff. But the key to making them fit your existing decor is color and style. A good deep cabinet in dark brown or black gives your bathroom a rich and sophisticated look. On the other hand, bright whites, yellows, and blues give the bathroom a cheery appearance. Bright colors can do a lot to mask the size of a large elevated cabinet, giving you tons of storage space without having to dwarf the best of the bathroom. Bathroom cabinets like these are a great option for people who lack storage space in the form of hallway closets. If you are unsure whether or not you have room for such an upgrade, or if you aren’t sure where to put cabinets in the room you do have, check out the free online room layout tools, to move around imaginary furniture before you spend money on the real thing.


  1. Open Shelving. This is a very stylish look that can take many forms. Antique brass fixtures mounting slabs of hardwood is a lovely and surprisingly affordable way to build shelving, if you buy in the right places. Other shelving options are ready-made. You can find bathroom shelving in any form, just look for it. Because many bathrooms are small, with odd nooks and crannies all over the place, shelving is built to accommodate. If you have 8 inches between your toilet and the wall, there exists a shelf to fit the space. There are plenty of other options for wall mounting, and ever shelves that hang from ceilings! Like the cabinets mentioned above, certain bathroom and toiletry items may work stored on shelving mounted in a shower, as long as it is waterproof, of course.


  1. Recessed cabinet/shelves. Many bathrooms have one or more “bumped out” walls, to hold plumbing and electrical. Much of the space behind the walls goes unused, since plumbing and electrical doesn’t take up a ton of space. If you have such a wall, and if you are wanting for storage space, try building a recessed shelf/cabinet into the wall.


There are lots of ways to maximize the space in your bathroom. If you do a little research and make a plan, you’ll be able to double or triple your existing storage space, without making your bathroom look stuffed or cluttered. 


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