Great Ornaments to Make Your Garden Come Alive

You might have a stunning patio in your garden, surrounded by an oasis of beautiful and exotic flowers, but you know there is something missing. There is something that is not quite right about this Eden you have created. What could it be? Ornaments. Don’t worry, I don’t mean garden gnomes and those strange spindly fake flamingos you see in American movies. I mean anything that counts as an accessory to your garden. They really help elevate a great garden into an unbelievable sanctuary of tranquillity – okay I might be selling it a bit strong there, but take a look at some of these accessories you can add to your garden and see what you think.

Themed Ornaments

Has your garden got a theme? Many modern gardens are built around strong themes like Japanese style or Mediterranean, etc. If your garden fits nicely into a theme, then why not accessories to fit? If you have an Asian style garden, maybe buy some Buddha statues. They are becoming increasingly popular garden ornaments (plus you can get fountain versions). If your garden has got a Polynesian theme, why not plump for some Tiki torches? You get the picture. Play to the strengths of your garden.

Water Features

This writer loves water features. It’s not something I thought I would, but recently whilst on holiday I stayed in this Portuguese villa and there was a small water feature next to the veranda. Unless you’ve experienced it you can’t tell how relaxing it is to sit there sipping Caipirinha, watching the sunset, and listening to trickling water. I thought that perhaps it was just because I was abroad and feeling romantic, but no. I bought one when I got home and it works just the same when sipping a Fosters in the cold (well not quite, but it’s still relaxing).


You can’t understand what carefully placed lighting adds to a garden until you’ve sat there all day at a family BBQ and watched the sun set and the lights come on and illuminate the garden like little fireflies dancing around the trees. Buy a few, small, unassuming lights and place them around the flower beds and trees and wait for night to fall. You will be amazed (amazed might be a strong word …)

A Path

I know this doesn’t really count as an accessory or ornament, but it is a feature you can add – relatively cheaply – to your garden to give it that extra something special. Get Easy Pave paving, or a similar paving company, that specialises in using real stone for their paths and patios. It can add a rustic country feel to your garden, wherever it is.

Spring is Nearly Here!

I know this winter seems endless, but relax, spring will soon be here, trust me, I’m a writer. Hold your breath, soldier through work, keep your head down, and when you come back up for air the sun will be shining, the daffodils will be in bloom and your brand new water feature will be tinkling away in the corner of your garden as you pour yourself another ‘non-alcoholic’ beverage …


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