Great ways to modernise your home

As long as you plan with care, there are plenty of simple and affordable ways to modernise your home. Before you start, it’s important to set a budget and be strict about keeping to it. By all means add a small amount for contingencies, but it’s important to try to avoid the temptation to buy whatever catches your eye. If you’re looking for ways to give your home a modern makeover, take a look at these top tips:


Replacing old light fittings with energy-saving bulbs is a great way to transform any room. Save Money Cut Carbon lamps are a top choice for many homeowners, and these pay for themselves very quickly due to the 85% savings they make in electricity use. Better still, these lights allow you to keep on saving year after year, and a quality LED lamp should last you for well over a decade.


Updating kitchen and bathroom taps is also a simple way to modernise your home and reduce your water bills. Investing in a stylish eco tap can reduce water use by more than 50%.

A fresh lick of paint

When it comes to breathing new life into your home, a fresh lick of paint can go a long way. Adding new colour schemes to your main living spaces or creating a unique feature wall is a great way to bring your home up to date. It might be that there is scope to reveal a bare wall, which is a good way to add contrast and accent to a room.


Kitchen cabinets are top candidates for home makeovers. If you don’t have the financial leeway, updating the doors or the handles and keeping the unit is a great way to save money. If you have the budget, then a full replacement may be worthwhile to achieve a fully modernised effect.


You may also want to consider replacing worn flooring. Ceramic tiles or wood are among the most popular material choices for kitchens and hallways. Many people are now starting to favour solid flooring over carpet because it is easier to maintain. Plus, if you want to create a cosy effect, you can always add a stylish rug.


For living spaces, it’s a good idea to focus on a few simple details, like adding a few cushions, a throw, or having a focal piece of furniture. Placing large mirrors in strategic positions can also make a room seem larger and lighter. Perhaps the easiest way to modernise your home is to de-clutter, so you may also want to think about recycling any old furniture that you no longer need.


In the bathroom, small changes can make a big difference. For example, installing eco taps can add a modern touch to the room and create savings on water bills. Again, if you don’t have the skills to carry out these jobs yourself, they’re often best left to professionals.

If your bath or shower is well aged, then it might be worth getting a replacement. Not only will a eco-shower look great, but it will also cut water usage by 50%. If you’re budget can’t quite stretch to a new shower unit, replacing shower heads and regrouting tile work is a good alternative.


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