Great Window Coverings for Your French Doors

Using French doors in your home adds a touch of elegance to the interior design that you have established in your comfortable environment. In order to find the appropriate coverings you may want to consider them as large windows so that you can find the treatments that add to your privacy but that can be opened during daylight hours. Keep in mind that you should set a budget, determine how much light and when you want it to permeate your room, and the decor that you want to carry out in your home. Let’s take a look at some of the great window coverings for your French doors.

Attractive Sheers

An elegant treatment that will highlight your use of French doors will be sheers that are suspended between small rods that are located at the top of the door as well as at the bottom. The soft folds add texture to your look and help to filter the sunlight that enters through the glass doorway. This is an inexpensive way to achieve privacy as well as an attractive look to any room where you are using French doors. To add interest you can tie a piece of fabric in the centre of your sheer to give an hourglass look to the curtain.


Using cellular or Roman shades is also a way to have a treatment on your French door that adds to the ambiance of your room. You can choose from a plethora of colours that serve as accents for your sofa, cushions, or other fabrics used throughout the room. Fabric shades like the Roman styles add an extra layer of privacy to your room; they don’t interfere with your door operation and can help you to determine the amount of light you want to allow into your living space.


If you want to match some of the other window treatments you are using in your living area, you can also use the same type of curtains on your French doors. This will complete your interior design and add to the smooth flow of your decor. Be sure to use the correct size of curtains so that your French door will operate properly and the curtains won’t be damaged from excessive wear and tear as the door is opened.


By visiting you can view the gallery pictures to see what types of treatments look good and would be suitable for your home. It always helps to see actual pictures of the finished look as you make decisions about what you want to purchase for your own home. Blinds are excellent choices for French doors but make sure that you manage the door handles and how your blinds fit around them properly. Another helpful tip is to secure your blinds so that they won’t rattle or swing which can cause damage to your door.

Using some of the window treatments mentioned above can add a touch of elegance to any French door that you have in your home.


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