Hampshire: The most desirable place to live in the UK

Hampshire has been named the most desirable place in the UK to live for the third year in a row. In fact, residents in the area were found to not only be the healthiest in the UK but also the happiest. The average life expectancy is also nearly three years above the national average.

Hampshire is an attractive county and a great place to both live and work. There are a number of new homes in Hampshire which are readily available and ideal for new families. There are also fantastic transport links into the centre of London which make it great for commuters.

Why Hampshire?

Hampshire is best known for its countryside and beautiful market place that make the county typically English. Hampshire itself offers a wide range of sporting opportunities and offers the long bike rides throughout the gorgeous fields and countryside surrounding the county.

There is also a total of 34 miles of the Hampshire coastline which is known for its sailors and the opportunity to sail during the perfect weather and witness the lovely views. There are harbours nearby, located just by the renowned Boat Show which takes place every year – a perfect day out for the entire family.

However, if you are a little more interested in the more cultural side of the county then you needn’t worry – you will find plenty to do! There are a huge range of shops and restaurants of all cuisines that will keep you entertained for a long time. It is also worth noting that Hampshire is also known for its Food Festival which lasts a whole month – so, four weeks of fantastic produce and award winning meats and cheeses; what more could you want?

The history

Whilst Hampshire is a fantastic place to live and bring up a family – it also carries a great deal of history within it. Many tourists visit the county every year in order to soak up the knowledge of its past. You can also find clear traces of Winchester’s status as the ancient capital city of England. Moreover, King Alfred’s statue dominates a certain part of the county along with his legendary round table which keeps all intrigued.

Weekly events

Whilst Hampshire is well known for its abundance of historical landmarks and beautiful sceneries, it also entertains a number of events throughout the year. There are a range of art exhibitions and theatre productions which are readily available and extremely popular amongst all ages.

Also, around the Christmas and New Year period, Hampshire celebrates in its own way with a large number of carol services, nativity plays, farmer markets and Fox tree planting. In Hampshire the entire county get involved in each and every event – creating a fantastic community spirit making it the ideal place to bring up your family.

Due to its enchanting historical past, agricultural beauty and happy residents, it is easy to see just why more and more home buyers are looking to set up in the Hampshire area.


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