Ideal garden buildings for modern garden designs

At the Chelsea Flower Show and Hampton Court Palace Flower Show you often see some excellent contemporary garden design ideas amidst the show gardens. Whilst traditional flowers and trees dominate at these shows, and the level of horticultural wizardry can be daunting, you can also find some do-able contemporary ideas for your own garden – such as introducing some on-trend steel or concrete, or upgrading your barbecue to a firepit.

How to modernise your garden
One of the most popular themes in modern garden design is to take materials and elements that traditionally belong inside and install them outside. Smooth concrete walls, stainless or galvanised steel sheets, mirrors, slatted cedar screens, bio-ethanol fires, uplighters and downlighting are now all regular fixtures in contemporary garden design. And you certainly don’t have to live in a twenty-first-century house to have a contemporary garden design.

The reason for introducing these materials and elements is not just visual. Like all the best design, they combine aesthetic appeal with practicality. Metal, pebbles and smooth concrete, for example, are hard-wearing and need little maintenance. Stainless steel sheets and mirrors reflect light and make small spaces look much bigger.

Given how many of us think our gardens are too small but also too time-consuming, these contemporary ideas may well be the perfect solution.

Use your garden as an extra living or working space
Another common theme in contemporary gardens is the idea of ‘zones’ – such as dining or seating areas, play spaces or chill-out zones. These can be created by using screens or by using different materials or split levels to demarcate the different areas. This concept of zones can be taken further by using garden buildings, so that your garden becomes an extension of your living space – somewhere to work, set up a business, entertain or relax in peace.

However, if you’ve spent time and money on a contemporary garden design, you don’t want to dilute the effect with a traditional-style building. Edwardian summer houses, Dutch barn designs or Alpine chalets can all be wonderful, but won’t fit with galvanised steel screens or curved concrete walls.

Ideas for contemporary garden buildings
Websites that sell traditional garden log cabins often have a range of modern timber buildings. With sleek lines, geometric shapes and modern doors and windows they’re a great complement to modern garden designs, and many modern garden buildings often include elements such as split-level roofs and clouded privacy glass windows that add to the sleek aesthetic (and also let in light without revealing the untidy desk or jumble of bikes that would spoil the lines of a state-of-the-art garden design!).

Not all retailers offer the same construction services, but recently a number of contemporary garden buildings have become available in modular format, which helps when it comes to a DIY build. The modern designs and construction techniques often use pre-assembled timber framing and cladding, all supplied in pre-fabricated kits for quick and easy construction. Resistant plastic backing supplies draught and moisture protection, and it’s simple to add extra insulation to these modern garden buildings if you want an all-year-round office or work studio.

Ultimately, with the choice of modern garden buildings on the market, if your preference is timber, plastic or metal, DIY or pre-assembled modules, you should be able to find the perfect contemporary building to match and enhance your futuristic garden design.


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