Lighting Tips For The Small Bathroom

Bathroom lighting is really important in all cases but in the event the bathroom is particularly small, lighting becomes vital. This is because whenever the bathroom is darker, it will look even smaller. Without thinking about size, bathrooms have to always feel open and bright. Lighting for the small bathroom should always be installed with the goal to create a proper arrangement that will properly illuminate the entire space while not overpowering and making everything feel cluttered.

When we look at modern new homes in Liberty Hill we often notice that the lighting choices in all bathrooms are perfect. This is because of the main thing you have to consider: creative thinking. You want to basically move away from the regular, traditional fixtures we see like the vanity light and focus on those fixtures that can properly maximize smaller space for lighting and design. Here are some suggestions to do just that.

Use Lighted Medicine Cabinets And Mirrors

Vanity lighting will normally be overlooked in the smaller bathroom because space available around mirrors is limited. The choice is normally to have the vanity being illuminated by ceiling light. The result is splotchy and various unwanted shadows tend to appear. In order to create the task, bright lighting you want in vanities, lighted mirrors can do wonders.

As you combine lighting and mirror in one element you are faced with a great option for the smaller space. There are various different modern bathroom fixtures available these days that include traditional mirrors all surrounded by light fixtures. Based on mirror shape and size, you normally have one light put across the top of the mirror, one light hallow around it or 2 lights along the right and left sides.

Tape Lights And Undercabinet Lights

All surface spaces count in small bathrooms. This does include those under countertops and cabinets. Normally the areas under these fixtures will be really hard to light so there is dark space present hat will make the entire room feel a lot smaller than it actually is. Combat this by installing tape lights or undercabinet lights. Generally, the tape light is really useful in all areas that are harder to light due to the available flexibility.

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

In order to make the small bathroom remain feeling spacious and open, avoid installing decorative or large ceiling lights. Flush mounted ceiling lights are normally an ideal option you can consider. The bathroom ceiling light that is flush mounted right against ceiling with clean, sleek lines and a modern frosted diffuser will help by seamlessly blending right into bathroom architecture. Diffusers evenly distribute light and there will be no added element that will make the bathroom feel smaller added to your ceiling.

Final Thoughts

Do think about various different ways in which you can light your small bathroom without creating the feeling that things are crowded. Obviously, lighting is just a small part of the different choices you are going to make but it is one that is of high importance. Do be sure that you always choose lights that will complement the space you have available in the bathroom.



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