The Top Questions You Should Ask About Boilers

Having a boiler installed and properly maintained requires a team of qualified plumbers who have registered Gas Safe documentation so that you’ll know that your job is in the hands of experts. This will provide you with peace of mind and confidence in the selection that you ultimately make for the work that needs to be performed. Before you actually contract a company to attend to your boiler, you should ask them some questions to learn more about their qualifications, their experience, and the services that they can provide. Let’s take a look at some of the questions you should include on your list of points to discuss with a plumbing company.


  1. You should first know how much your budget will allow for having a boiler installed or replaced in your home so that you can shop accordingly. Prices range from about £500 to £2,200 depending on the size and type of boiler that you purchase; you should also figure in an installation fee which can be quoted to you by your supplier.

  2. Next, ask about how much you can expect to save on your energy bill if you have a boiler installed. You’ll have to take into consideration the type of fuel that you are using now, the insulation of your home, and the energy efficiency of your doors and windows to get an accurate estimation of savings you can realise. There are websites available to perform some calculations or you can ask the professionals at for their opinions about the savings you’ll have with the switch to a boiler.

  3. When you partner with a reliable team of experts, they can give you guidance from their years of experience about which boiler will provide you with safe and reliable service. You should do some research on your own after you speak with professionals so that you can become an educated consumer that will be happy with your purchase and the installation that follows.

  4. Take some time to learn about the efficiency ratings and which boilers can give you the highest percentage of efficiency. Your team of experts can explain the Sedbuk chart to you so that as you begin to narrow the choices of boilers down to your ultimate choice you can use this information to assist you.

When you are interested in switching your energy system over to a boiler, you’ll need expert guidance and a team of professionals that is highly qualified to do the work for you. Once you establish their knowledge base and their commitment to excellence you can make the change and begin to enjoy savings on your energy bills. Remember that trusted professionals stand ready at any hour to assist you and finding the right team will be paramount to the satisfaction that you have with the work that’s done for you. Take your time, do some research, and ask a plethora of questions to narrow your choice down to the right one for your specific needs and requirements.

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