Times in Your Life When a Meal Box is a Good Idea

No one can deny the luxury of a home-cooked meal. What used to be common in every household has now become a treat, as many today have little time to shop for, prepare, and cook a wholesome, healthy meal. This becomes even more of a rarity in periods of our lives that are filled with difficulties.

That’s where a meal box service is not something to be overlooked. Choose what you want to cook from the menu, and once the insulated box of ingredients arrives at your door with the recipe, you are off to the races and just minutes away from an authentic, fresh, home-cooked meal.

Some might balk at the price tag (which is still lower than eating out, especially when you take into account the quality of the ingredients), but there are clear times in your life when it’s worth the splurge.

Post Moving

You’ve just moved and your kitchen cabinets, no matter how beautiful or modern, are empty. Before you get all your spices, herbs, and produce levels to a workable status, getting a box with absolutely everything you need to make a delicious meal is ideal. Though you will need some basic tools like knives, you’ll need little more than that and the feeling of bringing a meal to life in your new home will feel so good.


When you are living and eating solo, it’s difficult to buy the food you need in the amount that you need. A lot of things are sold in packages marketed to families or bigger groups of people, meaning that you only really need some of what it contained inside, the rest often going wrong before you get a chance to eat it. A food box gets you the exact amounts of each ingredient for the number of portions you ask for, in this case, one. No more waste and no more wasted money.


Ever wished for homemade chicken soup when you’re sick but when you open the fridge, it’s empty? Get just the ingredients you need for your comfort meal sent to you so that you can indulge in cooking it how you want it in your own home. No going out in your pajamas to the grocery store, and you can eat the exact meal your body and heart are craving.

Post Travel

You know that feeling when you come home from a trip and you’re craving a home cooked meal? And then the next set of emotions you have when you realize you have an empty fridge and you have so much laundry, unpacking, cleaning, and more that there’s no chance that you’ll make it out to the store? Order a meal box online before coming home and revel in the taste of home!


A bit unconventional perhaps, but a meal box makes a great gift. They are ideal for those who might find getting set up for a meal difficult but like cooking and would enjoy a chance to have a homemade meal, hassle-free. From new parents, to friends who just moved, to your ill in-laws who live across the country, meal boxes are a fantastic way to show that you care.


Let’s face it- cooking every day from scratch is hard! You need to find inspiration, recipes, buy the right ingredients in the right amounts, prep, cook, clean afterwards, etc. It can be quite a hassle. A meal box makes this easier on you, and that’s exactly why many families use a service of cooked and healthy meal delivery in Montreal. They choose whether they want a pre-cooked meal to warm up or a box of ingredients and recipe to make on their own.

So what are you choosing from the meal box menu this week? I heard the curry is to die for!


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