Using wooden furniture in modern designs

Wood is perhaps as versatile as materials come, and can look fantastic when incorporated in modern designs. The reasons that designers may choose to work with wood vary, but its beauty, adaptability, and sheer ease to source make it incredibly popular with professionals and homeowners alike. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-modern, elegant, or shabby chic-inspired look, the chances are that it can be enhanced by the use of wood.

Speaking of shabby chic, reclaimed wood is popular with designers at the moment, and can help you to accentuate the many features of your home quickly and easily. Sourced from anywhere, such as repossessed homes, commercial properties, or junkyards, reclaimed wood can be styled to suit just about any design dream, and is relatively cost effective to source too. Reclaimed wood can be used just about anywhere too. Looking for a few unique doors? Try giving a reclaimed entry-point a new lease of life. Looking for something fresh to walk on? Choose to tread where you forefathers may have gone before you. Antique and reclaimed wood can also be used in your décor; picture frames, wall hangings, and shutters all look fantastic, and can easily be inserted into a modern style. What’s more, reclaimed wood is incredibly environmentally friendly, so you can keep your conscience clean as you kit out your new pad.

Key pieces for your home

There are a number of key pieces that you should include in your home if you’re hoping to blend wood and modern design for a fantastic finish. Wooden flooring is an absolute must; beautiful, practical, and effortlessly stylish, wooden floorboards will complement any interior décor to create a modern, chic style. Additionally, floorboards can be stained just about any color, and so will work well in any room of your home. Paneling is another great way to incorporate wood into your home’s design, as are fireplaces, doors, and feature beams; vintage and shabby chic are huge in terms of interior design at the moment, and using wood is a great way to achieve the look.

In terms of wooden furniture, tables, chairs, cabinets, and units never go out of fashion, and are quickly making their way back into the fashion stakes. Whatever your home’s style, wooden furniture is bound to be a part of it, and there are numerous ways it can be used to create a look.

Perhaps the greatest feature of wood is its versatility; from dark woods such as walnut and poplar, to lighter shades like oak and beech, wood can be styled to suit just about any surrounding, while items finished with varnish or sheen can look ultra modern with very little effort.

Wooden sideboards are seriously popular at the moment. Once a storage staple in almost every home, the humble sideboard is a great way to store anything from cutlery and crockery, to linen and personal belongings. Another bonus? The sheer style possibilities of a sideboard; modern designs are often fairly minimalistic, and a sideboard provides great opportunities for a clutter-free home.

While wood is perhaps not the first material you think of when designing an ultra-modern home, its sheer versatility makes it a viable option in the style stakes. From charming chairs and tables, to decorative fireplaces and beams, there is very little that wood can’t do. Additionally, reclaimed wood and vintage pieces are hugely popular, helping you to create a number of different looks quickly and easily.


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