Ways In Which You Can Increase Home Value

The real estate investor is always interested in property value. Homeowners also want to be sure that they add value before they sell or before they want to get a lone while using the property as collateral. No matter the reason why you want to increase home value, the great thing is that we now have access to so many different opportunities that can be considered. This does include the recommendations below, offered by Taylor Morrison, but there are also others that can be considered so do be sure you keep an open mind about the topic.

Repairs And Upgrades

Fix and flippers basically make money because they buy a home, make repairs and upgrades and then sell it. There are different repairs that are going to add substantial value to any home. Generally speaking, when you are highly creative with improvements, you manage to add more value.

As a simple example, there are many properties that have a basement with a height of around 5 feet. One thing that many do not consider is to dig it out and move it to a height of around 8 feet. Then, the basement can be finished and the result is a brand new part of the home that adds a lot of value without having to pay as much as you would when you add square footage through usual expansion methods most people consider. Always be sure that you look into whether or not something can be done with the attic and the basement as these two areas are the ones that are often overlooked.

You can also consider numerous cosmetic fixes, especially in bathrooms and kitchens as they do add much value. Even something as simple as refinishing cabinets would be important.

Owner Financing

This is a great way to add property value for the owner that is interested in selling and that does not necessarily need to receive the entire amount at the time of the sale. The idea is that most homes available on the market cannot be sold unless the entire amount is paid. That will limit how many potential buyers would appear. If you increase the interested buyers pool you automatically manage to increase value without practically doing anything. When you use financing options you receive a good interest rate and an overall higher price.


You do not always need to make modifications to the home in order to add property value. In many cases an area that is completely neglected is the backyard. It is important to take a look at everything around the home in order to look for different ways to increase value. Be sure that you walk around the property and check all the different changes you can make and that would be appealing for people that would be interested to purchase. If you find something like this it is a certainty that property value would be increased. The great thing about it is that you can easily afford most of the modifications you could make.


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