What a Fish Tank Will Add to Your Home

Having a fish tank in your home can be much more than just a plain glass bowl with a couple of goldfish your kids won at the fair swimming around in. Plenty of more sophisticated varieties of tanks are now available that can really liven up a living room, add some interest to a kitchen or a calming presence to the bedroom.

If you’ve got an empty space that needs something to jazz it up or are redecorating a room and thinking about what to add, then a fish tank (with appropriate fish of course) could be the answer.

Aesthetic Appearance

Whatever the interior of your home looks like, there’s sure to be a fish tank that will suit it. From colourful tropical fish tanks available through All Pond Solutions to simplistic yet stylish cabinet style tanks, most are made with an attractive design as well as practicality in mind.

Standalone column tanks are perfect for putting in an empty corner as it avoids getting in the way of the general walking space but still fills a big area without becoming too overbearing. Cabinet tanks have similar benefits but with more width and are better placed in front of a wall. Smaller tanks allow more freedom to be moved around if they don’t suit their original location.

Health Benefits

As well as brightening up a room fish tanks can have some exceptional health benefits to you and your guests. Since the 1980s studies have found that a great way for relieving stress is to observe fish in an aquarium, to the point that aquarium therapy has become a recognised subject.

Used to combat mental illness and create a calming presence, it’s why a lot of fish tanks can be found in doctors waiting rooms. For this reason installing a fish tank in your child’s bedroom can be a good tool to calm them down if they are prone to hyperactivity. A fish tank (with fish) will make coming home from work that little bit easier. Just don’t overdo it by turning an entire room into an aquarium.


To fully reap the benefits of having a fish tank in your home it’s vital that it is a well-designed tank with the right type of fish swimming in it. Installing water features can also help, as the soothing sound of water is also known as a great stress reliever.

The feng shui of where your tank is placed is important too. The south east area of your house is best to activate wealth and prosperity while the north is good for career and east for health and family. Blocking off corners not only defeats negative energy but improves the appearance too.


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