When to Let the Professionals Take Over Your Housekeeping

Keeping your home in order is a big job. From the constant cleaning, laundering, shopping, replacing, it’s nearly impossible to find time to do the fun things like changing up the decor or staging the dining table for guests. And the list of “has-to’s” doesn’t even cover seasonal maintenance like painting railings, fixing up the deck, or sealing the driveway.

Unless taking care of your home is your passion as well as your full-time job, you’ll either end up doing a subpar job or calling on the help of professionals. Don’t look at it as a failure on your side. There is an industry out there constantly evolving to do these things better than we can, starting from the heavy-duty tools and ending on years of repetitive experience.

Carpet Cleaning

As cozy and inviting a carpet might be to your toes on a cold, winter morning, lifetimes of experience has taught us that it can get really dirty, really quickly. Some would even take it so far as to call the whole thing “gross”. But instead of trying to treat those stains and discolourations yourself, give the pros a chance. They have amazing tools, detergents, and years of experience. In the time it will take for you to Google a DIY solution, you can call a carpet cleaning service in Montreal, have them restore the carpets to their original state, and have the time to catch up on the dishwashing you needed.


Once the spring comes around, as a homeowner, you know that you are looking at hours and hours spent outside, raking, seeding, fertilizing, applying pesticides, planting, trimming, watering and more. Even those who have a green thumb can find the whole thing a little overwhelming. Make a plan for what you want to personally do, and leave the rest to the pros. There are many lawn services out there that can do your seasonal grass seeding and periodic maintenance while you focus on your vegetable garden. Alternatively, get a landscaping company to come and design the yard of your dreams while you commit to maintaining it as needed throughout the season.

Duct Cleaning

Are you spending more time than you would like to admit dusting? The problem might not be related at all to how good of a job you are doing, but simply the amount of dust that’s in your ducts and vents. The debris continues blowing around, settling on your furniture, plants, picture frames and more. Let the pros come, give it a wind tunnel treatment, and cut down on the time you spend running around with a duster.

Dry Cleaning

Laundry is a time-consuming job, especially if you have a large household. And while throwing everything into the washing machine, transferring it to the dryer, folding, and putting it all away is already a long process, once you add special garments like silk shirts, dress shirts, dresses, coats, and more, the process gets even longer. Each of these need personalized attention, especially if you need to spot treat stains or hand wash because of the delicate fabric. Just save yourself some time and grief- get your “specials” over to a dry cleaner. Due to the volume of them, many have competitive pricing, and all you need to do is drip off and pick up.

Having a well-maintained home is not just about working on it- it’s also doing it intelligently. Know when it’s good value to just let the pros come in and take care of things, whether it’s cleaning the carpet, clearing out the ducts, or getting that tough stain out.


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